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Tickets and fares

Tickets and fares


One-way bus fare:

  • paying with E-ticket– 0,49 Eu (full price)
  • paying for the ticket in the bus – 0,80 Eu (full price)
  • an option, within 30 minutes, to change buses, using E-ticket - 0,70 Eu (full price)

 Unlimited number of trips for one calendar month, using E-ticket:

  • purchasing in city malls– 28,00 Eu (full price)
  • purchasing on the internet– 27,50 Eu (full price)
  • purchasing with personalised E-ticket at “Busturas” Client Service Center– 28,00 Eu (full price)

 The price of unlimited number of trips for one calendar month (ONLY WORKDAYS: Monday-Friday), using E-ticket:

  • purchasing in city malls– 24,50 Eu (full price)
  • purchasing on the internet – 24,00 Eu (full price)

 Unlimited number of trips for a fixed period of time, using E-ticket:

  • 1 day – 2,50 Eu (full price)
  • 7 days – 8,00 Eu (full price)
  • 14 days – 15,00 Eu (full price)
  • 3 calendar month– 80,00 Eu (full price)
  • 6 calendar month – 150,00 Eu (full price)

 E-ticket price:

  • passenger is handed E-ticket with system registration cost of  1,50 Eu
  • passenger is handed a new E-ticket (upon losing previous E-ticket) including the cost of its information transfer– 1,50 Eu


Taxi cars are available 24 hours a day.

Numbers available for a taxi service:
1400, 1444, 1453, 1456, 1458, 1459, 1491, 8 700 55999

Things to know using a taxi:

If the passenger suspects that a taxi driver is trying to trick him in order to charge more than taximeter is reading, passenger should ask for a receipt, which should show travel route (start and destination), date, vehicle number plates, price and drivers surname. Driver is obligated to give the passenger the receipt, if he requests for it. If the passenger has any complaints about taxi services, he/she can present that receipt to Šiauliai Municipality City Maintenance and Environment Division (Vasario 16-osios str. 62, 325, tel. (8  41) 59 63 19).

Taxi vehicle has to have drivers’ information card placed in a visible part of the car. It must contain drivers’ rates, information and drivers’ photograph.



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