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She was born in 1912 in Riga. Gražbylė studied Law at Vilnius University and worked as a lawyer in Šiauliai and Joniškis. The most important factors that influenced her career and life were law and justice. Gražbylė and her family contributed to life-saving of Jews. Her house was later reconstructed and now there is the museum of “Aušra”. Gražbylė was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in March 3, 2000 .

KLEOPAS JAKAITIS, (1924-2007), the Monsignor.

He was born in 1924 in Raseiniai district. Kleopas was ordained to the priest in 1947. He initiated the equipment of the church organ at the Cathedral of Šiauliai. Kleopas Jakaitis is the patron of the International Ecclesiastical Festivals. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in March 3, 2000 .

SAULIUS SONDECKIS, the professor of Music.

The director, the honourable member of Musicians’ Association of Lithuania. He initiated the foundation of Chamber Orchestra in Lithuania in 1960. The Youth Orchestra, conducted by Saulius Sondeckis won the first place in the International Orchestra Music Competition in Berlin in 1976. Saulius Sondeckis is a participant of many international musical festivals and the initiator of cultural activities in Lithuania. Saulius Sondeckis became the Laureate of the Award of the National Culture and Art in 2000. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in March 3, 2000 .

VILIUS ANTANAS KAZANAVIČIUS, the engineer, the economist.

He was born in 1936 in Rokiškis district. Vilius has lived in Šiauliai for 23 years and now he lives in Vilnius. He had worked at the Executive Committee and initiated the up-building of the Republic Library, Art Gallery, Park Stage, the Premises of Engineers, the Houses of Teachers, the Surgery Corps at Republic Hospital, the cinema-theaters ”Saulė” and “Laikas”, the Children Art School. Vilius Antanas Kazanavičius revived both cultural and intellectual life of the city as he initiated the arrival of a lot of industrious directors, actors, architects from other cities. Many of them currently live and work in the city of Šiauliai. Vilius Antanas Kazanavičius was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 14, 2000.

VYTENIS RIMKUS, the lecturer of Art.

He was born in 1930 in Šiauliai district. All his family was exiled to Siberia in 1946. There he was sentenced to death due to rebellion against the Soviet Regime, but later the penalty was remitted. Vytenis Rimkus has been mastering students’ Bachelor’s and Master’s works for 30 years. He delivers lectures at Šiauliai University and is a member of Doctoral Committee in all universities of Lithuania, Art Academy and the Institute of Culture and Art. He was given the professor’s degree in 1988. Vytenis Rimkus is known as a prominent person, contributing to Lithuania’s spiritual life. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 14, 2000.

ALFONSAS STAKĖNAS, the physician.

He was born in 1925 in Rokiškis. Alfonsas Stakėnas graduated from the University of Vilnius and gained the specialty of urologist. He had worked at Šiauliai Hospital for 41 year. Alfonsas Stakėnas has published a great number of scientific articles and is an active participant of the activity of urologists in Lithuania. Apart from this, he is the Head of the Third Century University. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 14, 2000.

PETRAS ILGŪNAS, the agriculturalist.

He was born in 1919 in Vilkaviškis District. Petras Ilgūnas had worked as the Head of Gardeners’ Association for 36 years. His task was to deliver seminars for gardeners, instruct them about fertilizers, proper garden equipment, how to take care of various plants, etc… His contribution to Šiauliai City and the Republic of Lithuania is self-evident The gardeners of Šiauliai have won many awards so far. Tourists often visit the city for the sake of seeing the achievements of the gardeners. Petras Ilgūnas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 12, 2001.

JONAS KRIVICKAS (1929-2007), the teacher.

He was born in 1929 in Šiauliai. Since 1967 Jonas Krivickas has been working as a teacher at Julius Janonis Gymnasium in Šiauliai. He was given the title of the Emeritus Teacher for being a creative and honest pedagogue. Jonas was given the qualification category of the Expert of the Lithuanian Language and Literature. He is a founder of the Museum of History at Julius Janonis Gymnasium. Jonas Krivickas travels a lot, he is an excellent photographer and the guide of Žemaitija region. Jonas Krivickas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 20, 2001.

JUOZAS DZIDOLIKAS, the musician.

He was born in 1941. Juozas lost his sight in early childhood. In spite of this, he has always been a public-spirited person and an active musician. Juozas Dzidolikas published a book for blind people ”A Book for Adults How to Read in Braille” (“Suaugusiųjų aklųjų mokymas kaip skaityti Brailio raštu”). Juozas Dzidolikas has been interested in blind people’s problems, was always trying to find adequate solutions for them. His musical performance “Say Hallo to a Musician” (“Paveikink muzikantą”) was recorded on the CD. Juozas initiated the equipment of the electric musical organ at Šiauliai Cultural Center. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 19, 2002.

KAZIMIERAS ŠAVINIS, the Council member.

He reported to Šiauliai in 1959. Under his decision many projects, concerning bypasses were implemented. Kazimieras Šavinis was the first Mayor of Šiauliai City after USSR recognized the independence of Lithuania. He would sponsor many projects of the city infrastructure, especially the one of the reconstruction of the motorway “Šiauliai-Bubiai”. Currently Kazimieras Šavinis is a member of Lithuania’s Cultural Fund at Šiauliai Council. Competence, sociability and intelligence are his most characteristic features. Kazimieras Šavinis was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 11, 2002.

ANTANAS KRIŠTOPAITIS, (1921-2011) the artist.

He was born in 1921 in Šiauliai district. Antanas was arrested in 1940 and spent seventeen years in exile. While being far from his motherland, he created the scenography for fourteen operas and ballets. Antanas Krištopaitis painted about six hundred pictures of churches and over two hundred pictures of windmills traveling all over Lithuania. His collection of self-portraits was involved into Lithuania’s Book of Records. 645 pictures of Antanas Krištopaitis are placed in the museum “Aušra”. The artist was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 11, 2003.

POVILAS MORKŪNAS, the radio-engineer.

He was born in 1932 in Biržai district. Povilas had worked as the head of the Television Factory for 23 years. He was given the title of the Emeritus Engineer of the Soviet Union Republic of Lithuania. Povilas Morkūnas managed to recourse the erection of the Sports Complex, Health Clinic and Resort Center. He had worked as the chairman of the Executive Committee for five years. Povilas contributed to the implementation of the projects of improving the quality of drinking water, the up-building of the Medical Premises, etc... He retired in 2001. Povilas Morkūnas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 11, 2003.


He was born in 1937 in Kėdainiai district. Kazimieras is an illustrious scientist and public figure, the Head of the Lithuanian Language Department at Šiauliai University, the author of a lot of manuals. Kazimieras Romualdas Župerka published the manual for university students “The Stylistics of the Lithuanian Language” (“Lietuvių kalbos stilistika”) in 1983. He is the co-author of the manual “The Lithuanian Language” (“Lietuvių kalbos vadovėlis”) for secondary schools. Kazimieras Romualdas Župerka was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 11, 2003.

ANTANAS SIREIKA, the basketball coach.

He was born in 1956 in Šiauliai district .The male teams, coached by him once won the Cup Final and were twice the winners of the third place in Lithuania’s Basketball League. Antanas Sireika was given the title of the Emeritus Basketball Coach in 1996. The third place in the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 made Lithuania famous world-wide. This year, after 64 years break, Lithuania’s Male Basketball Team, coached by Antanas Sireika became the Champions of Europe. He has been coaching basketball players for 25 years. Antanas Sireika was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 18, 2003.


He was born in January 5th in 1949 in Denmark. He is the citizen of Denmark, but lives in Sweden. His family consists of wife Jet Ronne, son Christian Ronne, daughter Dorte Ronne. Torkil Ronne got higher education in higher business school in Copenhagen.

Torkil Ronne his activity in Lithuania started in 1992, when being a member of "Rotary Club" he came to Lithuania for the purposes of charity. Even then he realised that the majority of investments from abroad go to Vilnius or other bigger cities of Lithuania. Therefore, he began to struggle that more investments, charity and other projects would be implemented in Šiauliai.

Since 1994 Torkil Ronne associates with Šiauliai Didždvaris Gymnasium, institutions of special education "Goda", "Ringuva" and J.Laužiko School for the purposes of charity support and education. He organises the actions of charity and support. With his and other people's help Šiauliai City collaborates with Cristianstade City and Šiauliai University collaborates with Cristianstade University. These cities implement international "Rotary" projects and delegations of businessmen from both cities closely collaborate. He helped to organise exchange programs, the courses of English for free for inhabitants of Šiauliai. With his help students from this city could get grants and go to study to Sweden. In addition, thanks to his work that a number of business institutions from Scandinavia invested into development of industry in Šiauliai. In this way such companies as ISC "Bigso", ISC 'Artliux Baltija", ISC "DIAB" were established and more working places for inhabitants of Šiauliai were created. A number of businessmen became the partners or found clients in Scandinavian countries. Since 1999 till now T.Ronne is business co-ordinator of IKEA TRADING UAB in Lithuania.

Torkil Ronne is frank, thoughtful, creative and imaginative person, who always has some new ideas in his mind. His house is always full of people from all over the world. He has a great experience on international collaborating. His wish to help to inhabitants of Šiauliai really deserves gratitude.

In 09 -09 -2004 according to the decision No.T-208 made by the council of Municipality of Šiauliai he was conferred the honorary citizen's title.


He was born in February 24 in 1926 in Plungė City. He studied in Plungė and Kaunas. In 1953 he graduated Kaunas medical institution and was appointed to department of orthopaedics - traumatology to Šiauliai republican hospital, where he gained more knowledge and improved in this field. He stove for higher category in children's orthopaedics and traumatology.

In 1966 he was conferred the first category of orthopaedics - traumatology and in 1984-the highest qualification category of orthopaedics - traumatology. In 1963-1964 the doctor went to advanced training institute in Riga where he learned to master operative treatment of inborn dislocation of joint. Later he began doing analogous operations in Šiauliai.

Since 1963 doctor B.Gadeikis was the initiator in Šiauliai maternity home that started systematically examine all new-born children once a week in order to ascertain inborn deformations. Four years he did that regularly. The doctor taught micropediatrists of Šiauliai districts to use review technology. All new-born children with inborn deformations were given a follow-up care and treated in children's polyclinics. Twice in his as doctor's career he studied in advanced training institute in Moscow where he improved in children's orthopaedics, traumatology and surgery. He was always apt to share his knowledge with colleagues. The doctor was the member of such organisations as Republic scientific circle of orthopaedics-traumatology, Scientific circle of surgeons in Šiauliai area and Republic circle of children's surgery. In addition, he was the member of children's traumatic commission in Šiauliai City for many years. During 50 years of work the doctor prepared 30 reports, which were read in conferences of surgeons, gynaecologists, micropaediatrists, in the meetings of Šiauliai surgeon's, in schools, kindergartens. Many of his reports were realised in medical publications, local newspaper.

Little patients and colleagues love and respect doctor Bronius Gadeikis for his energy, optimism, humanity and professional knowledge. Several times he was awarded medals, diplomas and got official messages of thanks.

In 09 -09 -2004 according to the decision No.T-208 made by the council of Municipality of Šiauliai City he was conferred the honorary citizen's title.


He was born in January 2nd in 1939 in Kaunas. He studied in Veiviržėnai primary school and Šilute 1 Secondary School, which he graduated with silver medal. In 1960 he got qualification of civil engineer in Kaunas polytechnic institute. While studying there he sang in academic chorus, worked in students' scientific circle, learned Esperanto language, established KPI circle of Esperanto and had many pen friends from foreign countries.

In 1962 Z.E.Sabalys got married and moved to Šiauliai. He worked as engineer, later he was chief in the 6th mechanisation office in Šiauliai, which at this time became one of the best building organisations in Lithuania. In 1974 he was rewarded according to his deserts in building Akmenė cement factory and got engineer's honorary title. During 17 years of work Zenonas Eimutis Sabalys participated in all buildings in Šiauliai, such as: Television Sets, Rėkyva Tyres and Rėkyva Peat companies, "Nuklonas","Mechanika", Bikes Factories, Milk and Meat enterprises, dwelling houses, schools, kindergartens etc. Engineer still remembers "partisan' projects, such as complicated works of poles' driving in building Summer's stage, the building of KPI palace, creation of Engineers' House, where Z.E. Sabalys ran cultural sections. All these objects were built when the chairman of executive committee of the City was Vilius Kazanavičius. In 1967 he joined TSKP.

In 1979 Zenonas Eimutis Sabalys was assigned to assistant chairman of executive committee. Later he became the first assistant responsible for building and architecture of the city. He united all architects, builders, and companies of the city and organised the reconstruction of old cinema, which was transformed into a nice little theatre, which is still visited by inhabitants of Šiauliai. Z.E.Sabalys actively participated in making projects and building the objects for 750 anniversary of Šiauliai City, also later he participated in building the biggest objects of education, medicine and sport. In 1990 he was elected deputy of the council of Šiauliai City.

Since August of 1990 till February 2003 Z.E.Sabalys worked in banking. He together with Elvyra Palaimienė and Arvydas Salda established Šiauliai bank and worked there. Later he became director of branch office of bank "Snoras".

Z.E.Sabalys is of many years a member of Žemaiciu circle "Saulaukis", international club of Šiauliai "Lions", Lithuanian Esperanto union. He represented Lithuanian Esperanto speakers in various congresses in Sweden, Czech, Germany, France, Israel and China. He actively participates in the work of social organisations of the City. He is awarded medals, diplomas, and premiums and got official messages of thanks.

He is a widower. He has two adult daughters Eglė and Audronė.

Since 08-11-2003 he is a pensioner.

His erudition, strong character, various activities for the welfare of the city and its inhabitants, constant search for novelties really need to be appreciated.

In 09 -09 -2004 according to the decision No.T-208 made by the council of Municipality of Šiauliai he was conferred the honorary citizen's title.



He was born in 1934 in Panevėžys district. Albertas Griganavičius graduated from Vilnius University and gained the specialty of surgeon. He had worked as a surgeon and neurosurgeon at Šiauliai Hospital for 34 years. Since August of 1981 till August of 1998 Albertas Griganavičius was the head of the Neurosurgery Department. In addition to his professional work he joins in editing studies and articles of hospital specialists, shares his knowledge and experience with young medics, participates in the Association of Surgeons Learned Body, prepares and reads papers. The doctor Albertas Griganavičius is an active spreader of Bishop Motiejus Valančius temperance movement in Šiauliai and Lithuania. The doctor has written hundreds of articles to the newspapers ‘Blaivioji Lietuva’, ‘Valančiukų aidas’ and other newspapers and magazines.

The doctor Albertas Griganavičius has arranged a lot of events for Lithuanian revival, participated in all major city culture events, shot them and has a wide film library of authentic historical importance. While creating the Third Century University (in 1999) he was the member of the creative initiative group. Later he helped to establish the faculty of Spiritual Development and was assigned the dean of it. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2005.


JONAS LAMAUSKAS, the musician.

He was born in 1941 in Kaunas. He gained the specialty of lecturer and the qualification of orchestra artist, and was appointed the grand piano lecturer at Šiauliai K. Preikšas Pedagogical Institute in 1964. In addition, he took the lead of the Institute Instrumental ensemble and worked as a bassoon lecturer at Šiauliai Music further education school. He has worked as a headmaster at Šiauliai Music further education school (now called Šiauliai Conservatory) since 1966.

Jonas Lamauskas was the kapellmeister and leader of Šiauliai city Folk Symphonic Orchestra since 1989 till 1993. As the headmaster of Šiauliai Music further education school he has attempted to concentrate a strong, creative team of high expertise and qualification. In 1990 Jonas Lamauskas was the initial founder of the Children’s Music school which exists up to now. He and his colleagues issued the book ‘Šiauliai Conservatory in 1939-1999’ (Šiaulių Konservatorija 1939-1999) in 1999. As a lecturer he trained 15 bassoonists, 5 of them became winners of various competitions. He has participated in organizing cultural jamborees, music and dance festivals in Šiauliai city and Lithuania since 1964. He has been awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Šiauliai region, and Šiauliai City Municipalities. Prof. Saulius Sondeckis called Jonas Lamauskas the champion of longevity because he has leaded Šiauliai Conservatory for 40 years. Jonas Lamauskas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2005.


VLADAS RAVKA (1924-2006), the person in culture.

He was born in 1924 in Šiauliai. While he was studying at Šiauliai Adult gymnasium he wrote an article against the Soviet regime to an underground newspaper. Because of that he was arrested, questioned, and sent to prison for 10 years in 1948. He was imprisoned in Uralas, Karaganda, and Kamerava. In 1958 he and his wife returned to Šiauliai city and worked at Building trest. He was an active member of amateur artistic work, wrote a lot of articles to Šiauliai city newspaper and other publications.

Vladas Ravka has managed the garden association ‘Margiai’ since 1996. He has encouraged the members of the association to love and care of the nature, decorate and clean the environment. The ‘Margiai’ garden association was given prizes and diplomas for beauty and organization. The garden newspaper is published, the garden chronicle is written, the unique garden museum has been found and it is visited by foreign and Lithuanian guests. Vladas Ravka has created the map of Lithuania using various plants in his own garden.

Vladas Ravka has been the member of political prisoner and deportee choir ‘Tremtinys’ since 1989. V. Ravka has participated in political prisoner and deportee movement since 1991-1992 and was the manager of Šiauliai department. At present he is the chairman of the Culture committee. He published the publicist book ‘Dictated by Life’ (‘Gyvenimo padiktuota’) in 1997. This memory and poetic book shows the person of great writing and poetic abilities. V. Ravka was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2005.



He was born in April 5th in 1943 in Kėdainiai district. In 1968 he graduated Kaunas polytechnic and started working in Kedainiai road exploitation department. Since 1974 - director of Šiauliai road department, which in 1993 was privatized and renamed into "Šiaulių plentas".

The director assembled a hard-working and qualified staff, which helps to achieve main goals of the organization - to increase the level of quality using modern technologies. A. Armalas, together with his company, is an active participant in the business development of Šiauliai district and for that he has been awarded multiple times.

Since 1983 he is a sponsor of various sports activities. "Šiaulių plentas" is the general sponsor of local basketball and football clubs. Alfonsas Armalas is an iniciative, energetic, trust-worthy person, skilled in organizing various activities and able to share his experience and mind for the sake of the city and whole Lithuanian country's betterment. A.Armalas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2006.



He was born in June 2nd in 1945 in Klaipėda district. In 1969 he graduated Lithuanian conservatoire and is an actor of the Šiauliai Drama Theatre. He was created about a hundred colorful and impressive roles. P. Piaulokas acted in various movies.

In 1977 Pranas Piaulokas was given the title of Emeritus Artist, in 1985 - the title of Folk Artist. He was also honoured with various prizes and awards.

P.Piaulokas, very intellectual and creative actor, is a true patriot of Šiauliai, like a symbol of the city, who devoted 37 years of his cultural activity to the city of Šiauliai and it's citizens. While participating in different events, the actor tries to enhance the level of culture, erudition and intelligence.

P.Piaulokas was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2006.



He was born in June 28th in 1915 in Pasvalys district. In 1944 he restored Joniskis Hospital and Dispensary and became a director of it.

In 1950 he started working in Šiauliai Hospital as a doctor-radiographer, before he was promoted to the head physician in 1953 and had worked there for 23 years. During that time, many of the new medical institutions were built, the new generation of medical specialists grew, including the seven of them, who, advised by K.Knizikevičius, were given their titles. K. Knizikevičius was apt to improve in special courses, participated in publishing publications and organizing scientific conferences. His experience helped to save lives of many citizens of Šiauliai city and district. In his 90th anniversary, he was given the title of Emeritus Health Service Servant.

The doctor is respectable of his erudition, intelligence, sensitivity, diligence and ability to hear out, advise, and help.

K.Knizikevičius was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in September 2006.



HE Eugenijus Bartulis was born on December 7, 1949, in Kaunas. In 1968 he graduated the secondary school in Kaunas. He studied in Kaunas Interdiocesan Seminary 1971–1976. E. Bartulis was ordained priest on May 30, 1976. 1976–1986 Rev. E. Bartulis worked as vicar in parishes of Kelmė, Radviliškis and Kaunas. 1986–1989 he was pastor of the parishes Deltuva and Bukonys. In 1989 Rev. E. Bartulis was appointed administrator of the Archcathedral of Kaunas. In 1990 he was appointed chancellor of Kaunas Archdiocesan Curia. Afterwards he was appointed pastor of one of the biggest parishes of Kaunas. Later he taught in Kaunas seminary and worked as spiritual director of the seminary. On June 1, 1996, Rev. E. Bartulis was appointed rector of Kaunas Interdiocesan Seminary.

On May 28, 1997 he was nominated and appointed ordinary bishop of the newly established Diocese of Šiauliai. Eugenijus Bartulis was consecrated bishop on June 29, 1997, in the Archcathedral of Kaunas. On November 3, 1999, Bishop E. Bartulis was elected member of the permanent council of the Conference of Lithuanian Bishops. On November 25, 2000 Bishop E. Bartulis was additionally appointed ordinary of the newly established military ordinariate. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour in 2007.



Bronius Prėskienis was born on June 14, 1930 in Bugonys village, Alytus District. In 1949, he graduated from the Merkinės Gymnasium, in 1949-1953 he studied at Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. In 1953 Bronius Prėskienis came to Šiauliai and worked at the Šiauliai Institute of Teachers, Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute and Šiauliai University.
1955-1963 - head of the Department of Lithuanian Language and Literature, Šiauliai Institute of Teachers.
1969, 1971-1972 – Vice-rector for Studies, Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute.
1973-1992 Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty, Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute.
Since 2002, vice-president of the Emeritus University Veteran Club.

Bronius Prėskienis issued totally 12 books, over 150 articles, thesis, reports and reviews. He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour 2007.



Algimantas Vitolis Trušys was born on 16 September, 1936 in Kaunas City. His childhood and youth past in Pušalotas village. In 1955–1961 he studied at Vilnius State Art Institute. Algimantas Vitolis Trušys is a painter monumentalist. 1996, he started working in Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute (now – Šiauliai University) as a lecturer, later senior lecturer and professor.
Since 1974, Algimantas Vitolis Trušys was head of the Art Didactics Department.
Since 1974 he is member of the Lithuanian Union of Artists.

His paintings and wash-drawings are exhibited not only in Lithuania but also in Poland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia and Latvia.
He was given the title of the Citizen of Honour 2007.



Stasys Gliaudys was born on 25 December, 1928 in Kelmė District. In 1954 he graduated from Veterinary Academy and until 1960 he studied in Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture. He worked as a zoologist and since 1974 he was a lecturer in Siauliai Pedagogical Institute in the Faculty of Pedagogy.

He liked to make herbals, hunt, collect insects and store various educational visual aids. As a result, S. Gliaudys established a cabinet of botany and zoology, the latter in 2000 became The Museum of Nature. In this museum we can find unique exhibit which even cannot be found in other museums of the country.

A lot of years S. Gliaudys studied the plants of Lithuania, wrote lots of articles about pollen and together with co-authors published the book "Apiculture".

Also S. Gliaudys studied the birds of Siauliai City and its outskirts, he found 160 different species. In 1976-1977 he did an extensive study of Talksa and Ginkunai lakes famous for its birds and later this study became a good source helping to follow further changes of bird variety in these lakes.

Even now S. Gliaudys is the active member of Siauliai City community: he consults the city architects about handling of Salduve Park and Talksa Lake, gives various suggestions how to handle the Green Areas of Siauliai City and works in Zoology Museum of Siauliai University.



Arvydas Salda was born in 1955 in Kretinga District. He graduated from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and qualified as a specialist of Applied Mathematics.

In Šiauliai A. Salda began working as the assistant manager in Šiauliai Counting Center. On his own initiative new technologies on statistics managing in Šiauliai Region have been implemented.  

Since the first years of Restoration of Independence in Lithuania A. Salda actively integrated into formation of the Šiauliai City self-government, implementation of its functions and development of the self-government system. In 1991, he was elected to the mayors post of Šiauliai City. His diligence and intelligence helped to seek economic and social stability in Šiauliai City. The ideas and works are still continued.

Being a member of Šiauliai City Council in 1995-2007 A. Salda promoted prosperity, democracy and public spirit in Šiauliai City. A. Salda contributed developing Šiauliai Airport one of the city's strategic and important objects; supported reorganization of Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and was member of the Chambers Council. Also, he was one of the first to translate ideas of the free-trade zones in Lithuania into actions.

Recently A. Salda represents the bank of Šiauliai City - JSC Šiauliai Bank with the head office is in Šiauliai and branches expanded in the entire country.

Arvydas Salda is involved in various social activities: he is the member of Šiauliai University Council, "Rotary" club, working group on City Strategy for 2007-2016 development as well as member of the Liberal and Center Union.



Nellie Sudavicius Maccallum was born in Germany after the Second World War in Lithuanian family. Later her family moved out to America.

In 1963 N. Sudavicius MacCallum graduated from Nebraska University at Omaha (USA) and received a diploma of Fine Arts. She worked creative work in several companies of Nebraska, developed her own business at the same time having wide interests about Lithuania.

N. Sudavicius MacCallum is the author of friendship between Omaha and Siauliai. Being active president of the Lithuanian community in Omaha and realizing the importance of this communication she willingly participated in the activities of Omaha City Association and attempted to establish long-time relations with Lithuania. Due to her initiative and big efforts in 1994 Siauliai and Omaha began to communicate, in 1996 these cities signed a contract of collaboration. During twelve years (1996-2008) it was done a lot in order to strengthen the collaboration and friendship between Omaha and Siauliai. Also, N. Sudavicius MacCallum worked a lot in order to develop the collaboration between Siauliai University and Nebraska University at Omaha; she supported the students and lecturers of Siauliai University. Since 1997 with a help of N. Sudavicius MacCallum Siauliai Children Ensemble "Ro-ko-ko", the pianist Rimantas Vingras, musician and singer Virgis Stakenas and other artists visited Omaha. In addition, American Indians Ensemble visited Lithuania.



She was born in 1941 in Joniškis district. Studied in Vilnius College of Culture and Education, graduated from the Vilnius Conservatory Klaipėda branch and was appointed to Pakruojis Centre of Culture. She organized groups of three genre – folk dance, ballet and ballroom dancing.

Since 1969, Aldona Masėnienė works in Šiauliai. She is leader of children's dance group Želmenėliai. The group is laureate as well as winner of various competitions and festivals. In 2005, the group was recognized the top dance group in Lithuania and granted with awardAukso paukštė (Golden Bird) by the People‘s Centre of Culture.

In 1983, Aleksandra Aldona Masėnienė was granted a title of the Emeritus Cultural Worker of the Republic, awarded with the Honour Sign of Merit to Šiauliai County and other awards.

created dances such as Lietuva brangi (Our dear Lithuania), Brangiausios spalvos (Dearest colours) dedicated to the National feast-days as well as the dance Atmintis (Memories) dedicated to the January 13th events.

She devoted 40 years of her cultural activity to the city of Šiauliai and it's citizens.

Aldona Aleksandra Masėnienė is married and has two children – a son and a daughter.



Jūra Nijolė Viktorija Daulenskienė was born on 5 April, 1933 in Marijampolė, in the family of schoolteacher and agronomist. She studied in Marijampolė Gymnasium and in Kaunas Medicine institute. In 1957, she started working in Šiauliai as a pediatrician. She worked in the Infantile Diseases Department, Šiauliai hospital, neurologist consultant in Šiauliai district , deepened her knowledge in infant psychoneorology, had traineeship in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Moscow.

Since 1963, Jūra Nijolė Viktorija Daulenskienė has been working as a lecturer in Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute. In 1973, she defended a thesis for the doctor's degree The Neurological Analysis of Non-Advanced Schoolchildren of Massive Schools and became the Doctor of Medicine. Since 1975 she has been a senior lecturer.

Jūra Nijolė Viktorija Daulenskienė was a lecturer of the Special Pedagogics Department and the Medicine Basics Department, the Faculty of Defectology (now Faculty of Social Welfare and Disability studies), Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute moreover, she worked voluntary as the infantile neurologist in hospital, children's clinic, orphanage, Pedagogical Psychological Service and consulted children in hospitals of Šiauliai region. The doctor's activity let her to pursue the main mission - to serve people and to improve the doctor's qualification and competence. This experience was important implementing academic research works and preparing for conferences. In the period of 1963-2003, Jūra Nijolė Viktorija Daulenskienė wrote many scientific publications, published 5 methodical educational books for students which are still in use. She always cherished and promoted the ideas of humanism, refreshed the Christian values. After restoration of Lithuania's independence the doctor and the pedagogue J. N. V. Daulenskienė became the member of the women Catholics organization and the Senior's Club, came out as a poet. She actively participates in the cultural city events. After the doctor's K. Knizikevičius, honorary citizen of Šiauliai city, death she manages the documents of the Šiauliai hospital activity. As well she collects and prepares to publish the memorials of doctors.

Doctor of Medicine, Jūra Nijolė Viktorija Daulenskienė dedicated all her life for children's health, scientific and research work, consolidation of the public spirit and humanistic conception in the conscious of young people.


Viktorija Čmilytė was born on August 6th, 1983 in Siauliai City. Graduated from the Siauliai Didzdvaris Gymnasium, studied English at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Philology. Her greatest achievements glorifying the name of our city and Lithuania were attained at the chess board.

First important victory Viktorija won in 1993, when she became the winner of the Girl's European Chess Championship. 1995 in a championship in Brazil, she became the children world chess champion. Persistently working through 21 years of her career Viktorija has been victorious in many worldwide and European events, she also became multiple Lithuanian chess champion.

In 1996, for the achievements in chess sports and glorifying Lithuania's name worldwide, the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Algirdas Brazauskas, awarded her with the Knight Cross of the Order of Gediminas, the Great Duke of Lithuania. In 1998, fifteen year old Viktorija, was granted the name of the International Woman Grandmaster. In 2001, she was granted the International Men's Master name, and in 2010 the International Men's Grandmaster name as well. Viktorija was and still is the first woman in Lithuania to attain such a title.

In the year 2000, in the International Chess Olympiad in Istanbul she won a gold medal at the first woman team board. This achievement was repeated in 2004 in a championship in Spain. In 2003 and 2010 she took the second place in the European Woman Chess Championships. But the year 2006 were probably the most successful year in both, her sports career and recognition, because in that year she has won a bronze medal in Woman World Chess Championship. The Department of Physical Education and Sports under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania awarded Viktorija with the medal for her victories in sports, she was selected to be in the top 10 of athletes of 2006, selected to be the Lithuanian woman-athlete of the year by Lithuanian sports journalists. Her greatest victory came in 2011, when she became the European Woman Chess Champion for the first time in her career.


Edmundas Armoška, a collector and patron, was born on August 1, 1945 in Šiauliai.

In 1962-1965 he studied at Vilnius College of Technology. Later on he worked in the factory Plasta and graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics. By the year 1990, Edmundas Armoška worked in the position of director for commerce in the factory Plasta. In 1990-2005 he worked in the private business structure.

Since 1992 he is the president of the Lithuanian Collectors Association that closely cooperates with the Lithuanian Art and other museums. In the year of his presidency the association organized many paintings, arts and crafts, numismatics and medals exhibitions. One of the exhibition was involved in the official jubilee program of the King Mindaugas 700 year anniversary.

Edmundas Armoška initiated and funded the magazine Kolekcija. Moreover, he initiated the production of the album of Š. Sauka, the laureate of the National premium, catalog of A. Samuolis exhibition, the album Lietuvos malūnai in accordance with A. Krištopaitis aquarelle. In 2005, using the Edmundas Armoška collection, the catalogs of P. Rimša works and Solom Tetelbaum exhibition were published.

The outstanding collector organized 3 exhibitions from his personal collections to commemorate the millenium of Lithuania: painters of Vilnius Art School, classic and contemporary painters of Lithuania. Furthermore, Edmundas Armoška organized exhibitions in Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Norway.

For 14 years Edmundas Armoška has been actively participating in the city cultural life. He constantly organizes exhibitions from his personal collections in Šiauliai Culture Center Laiptų galerija. Edmundas Armoška as well gives the art pieces to different Šiauliai institutions: Šiauliai Aušra museum, Šiauliai Culture Center Laiptų galerija, Šiauliai diocese.

Edmundas Armoška was awarded with the letters of thanks and medals for his merits and activities. In 1994, he was awarded by the Lithuanian Collectors Association, in 2009 - letter of thanks of the National Museum the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 2010, Edmundas Armoška was declared the Grand sponsor. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 he was awarded with the Šiauliai City Mayor's letters of thanks for the promotion of the cultural traditions in Šiauliai City. In 2011, Šiauliai J. Janonis Gymnasium awarded him with the letter of thanks for the dissemination of art values and the pictures of the painter Č. Janušas donated to the gymnasium.


Aloyzas Gudavičius was born on 12 May, 1940 in Kalniškiai village, Kelmė District. In 1957 he graduated from Šiauliai Pedagogic School ( teacher's seminary ). In 1964, he started working at Šiauliai University (former Šiauliai Pedagogic Institute ) as a lecturer of Russian language and literature.

In 1970, Aloyzas Gudavičius defended a thesis in philology at Vilnius University. In 1990 he became a habil Dr. in the humanities and in 1994 - professor. The main scientific works: common linguistics, etnolinguistics, contrastive linguistics, interlinguistics and text linguistics.

The major part of the prof. Aloyzo Gudavičiaus activities is closely connected with the students education at Šiauliai University. Prof. Aloyzas Gudavičius is the first habil. Dr. in the Humanity Faculty, the outstanding linguist not only in Lithuania but in other countries as well (the Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Poland). The professor has written 4 monographs, 4 handbooks, over 100 scientific articles in the Lithuanian and foreign publications.

Since 1973 Aloyzas Gudavičius has been an associated professor of the Department of Russian language. In the year 1975-1983 - dean of the Faculty of Philology, 1984-1991 and 2001-2010 - head of the Department of Russian Language. In the year 1990-1991, 2011-2005, 2005-2011 - chairman of Senate at Šiauliai University. In the year 1991-1998 - rector of Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute later on Šiauliai University. Since 2010 Aloyzas Gudavičius is a professor of the Department of Foreign Language Studies.

Aloyzas Gudavičius was one of an initiators to establish the university in Šiauliai. Furthermore, he contributed a lot to the development of science, education and culture in Šiauliai City and region.

Since 2010 Aloyzas Gudavičius is a president of the Šiauliai LIONS ALKA club.


Nijolė Prascevičienė was born on April 5, 1951 in Šiauliai. In 1978, she graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy with the qualification of lecturer and orchestra soloist.

Since 1971 she has been working as a teacher in the Šiauliai 1st Music School. Nijolė Prascevičienė -teacher - expert, the head of the String Instruments Department has 42 years of work experience. In the year 1992-2008 she played in the Šiauliai symphonic orchestra, later on in the chamber orchestra.

While working in the Šiauliai 1st Music School she initiates many events, competitions and seminars or contributes to their organization: the international junior violinists seminars Vibrating Strings, the international Saulius Sondeckis junior violinists and cello players competitions in Šiauliai, the international chamber ensembles festivals-competitions Fiori musicali in Šiauliai, excellence lessons - seminars for the Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Danish violin schoolmasters, musical project - concert cycle Children to Children, project Summer Camp for Talented Children in Šiauliai and in 2007 the international project dedicated to the Day of Statehood - Crowning of the King Mindaugas Tėvynė tavyje.

The teacher is mindful not only of the requirements of the programs and harmonization of schoolchild individual capacity and interests but as well of formation of the schoolchild human feature. Nijolė Prascevičienė has created a distinctive music education system that amazes not only Lithuanian but the foreign musicians as well. This new system assisted her schoolchildren to win over 70 awards in the national and international competitions in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, France, Italy, the Czech Republic. Moreover, 8 her schoolchildren are presented with the Queen Morta premium. The school string orchestra has become the laureates of 3 national competitions, as well participated in the Lithuanian Song Festivity and in 2006 became the laureate of the Lithuanian television competition The Time of Small Stars.

In 2003, Nijolė Prascevičienė was awarded with the prize of the Lithuanian Culture Fund for the activities educating young talents, in 2004 award of the Queen Morta premium, award of the Lithuanian Government and the Ministry of Education Teacher of the Year 2003. In 2005 -award of Šiauliai City Teacher of the Year and award of the Lithuanian Culture Fund medal Morta-the Lithuanian Queen for the promotion of the Lithuania's history and culture as well for the education of young talents. In 2006, the teacher was awarded with the Šiauliai City culture and art premium. In 2007 - award of the Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus for the activities educating young Lithuanian talents. In 2009 - honorary medal of the Governor of Šiauliai County for her merits to Šiauliai County. In 2010, Nijolė Prascevičienė was awarded by the Lithuanian President with the letter of thanks for her significant activities educating the Lithuanian young musicians and promotion of the Lithuanian music culture. In 2012 - the President's letter of thanks for her assistance preparing the international competitions. In 2011 - letter of thanks by the Mstislav Rostropovich Charity and Support Fund Assistance to the Lithuanian Children for her pedagogic activities educating the talented Lithuanian children.

Nijolė Prascevičienė is a member of the Board of the European String Teachers Association (ESTA) Lithuanian branch as well the member of the Šiauliai City professional music commission.